Pupil download the film Olga Migunova, “I tried to warn you about a terrible accident”

Ученица Мессинга Ольга Мигунова: «Я пыталась предупредить о страшной аварии» The healer predicted the accident on the set of the new series, in which lay her book, “the White shaman”. After that fateful incident, the actress Tatiana Cherdyntseva believed in mysticism, and the work on the project was suspended for several months.
Ученица Мессинга Ольга Мигунова: «Я пыталась предупредить о страшной аварии»

Psychotherapist, hypnotist, and healer Olga Migunova – a unique destiny and one of the most enigmatic women in Russia. In 1966 she met wolf Messing, and later became his student. About my life Olga Petrovna wrote a book called “White shaman”. That’s what it called in the North, and the fame of the abilities, Migunova passed from mouth to mouth. The work of Olga Petrovna became interested in television – it is expected that the series based on the novel will appear in the air of one of Federal TV channels. “StarHit” learn from the honored artist of Russia, the details of the upcoming high-profile premieres.

The producer of the series was the daughter of Olga Petrovna Svetlana Migunova-Dali, who worked on “the Legend №17”. The healer admitted that the love and healing she instilled in the family: the grandmother of the hypnotist was a herbalist, and his grandfather a chiropractor.

“I play Belarusian actress Tatyana Cherdyntseva, and wolf messing, honoured artist of Russia Yuri Belyaev. This film will be shown, how the hypnotists, as well as important periods of my life – prediction of messing and work without it. Wolf G. said she would help me after death. Indeed, I had 15 car accidents and a two stroke, but I was able to recover from the experience…” – says the healer.
Ученица Мессинга Ольга Мигунова: «Я пыталась предупредить о страшной аварии»

With wolf Messing Olga Petrovna had traveled almost the whole world. “It was difficult, and gentle man. In General, it can be very demanding. He had his phobias. He was afraid to ride in the Elevator and were afraid of black cats,” shared Migunova.

According to the healer, some time ago, she had sworn never to do prophecy. “I swore on my mother’s grave that I will not predict. Let people meet, fall in love, get married and live their lives and do not go to fortune-tellers,” explains Olga Petrovna. However, it so happened that Migunova had to break this vow.

“When I was preparing Tatiana Cherdyntseva to shoot, I said to her, “Come this way. Be careful while working on the 13-th and 14-th series”. She said, “I don’t believe in mysticism that something can happen”… – the woman tells. – One night when I was away from Russia and had a rest in Montenegro, to me in my sleep come the end of the letter. He saved me in a car accident. I was awakened by a granddaughter, I woke up in a cold sweat. Then called Tatiana, asked: “What happened?” She says: “Olga Petrovna, I believed in mysticism, believed in you.” It turned out that filming the 13th series Tanya got in a car accident. She had a displacement of the orbit, the Tania is inserted three pins in the face.”
Ученица Мессинга Ольга Мигунова: «Я пыталась предупредить о страшной аварии»

The actress had to relearn how to drink and talk. Filming was suspended for several months. Now with Cherdyntseva all right, and work on the project came to an end. Olga Petrovna believes that the film was fascinating. Migunova are able to evaluate the results of work for the crew team.

Olga Petrovna believes that a healer needs to contact only those who believe in their ability. Recently, in early October, in Moscow, died one of the most talked about psychics today – Allan Chumak. According to Olga Petrovna, he once helped her.

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Ученица Мессинга Ольга Мигунова: «Я пыталась предупредить о страшной аварии»“Everyone says in different ways: some bad, some good. I believe that if a person does not believe, let them not drawn, told Migunova. Personally, I remember Allan Chumak as an intelligent person. Not everyone will be able to go on TV and be able to keep the audience. Personally, it helped me. I met him after graduation. Then I had health problems after a car accident, I was uncomfortable to sit. Chumak was spend on my back, which was a large bruise. An hour later the pain was gone.”