Пугачева вышла в свет в колье за 2 миллиона долларов

Such expensive jewelry the singer was wearing on the day of the birth of her daughter, Christina Aguilera.

Yesterday in the center of the city gathered all the light of the Russian show-business celebrated the anniversary of Christina Aguilera.

Philip Kirkorov, Iosif Prigozhin with his wife, singer Valeria, the couple Stroganovyh, skater Tatiana Navka, Alexander Buinov, Anita Tsoy and of course Maxim Galkin with Alla Pugacheva. Who here only was not! But most of all compliments, as always, went to the Diva.

For the sake of your daughter’s birthday the singer really did a good job. Scarlet gown with train, light curls, and the neck is a luxurious diamond necklace.

Maxim gave me on the wedding diamond set – ring, necklace, earrings. Now I dear woman,” joked a few years ago Diva.

Of course, my dear! And you can not even imagine how! The experts evaluated the set of the prima Donna in a substantial sum – about $ 2 million, which at the current exchange rate is about 130 million rubles. However, if the necklace was purchased on Galkin’s wedding in 2011, the amount of jewelry was significantly lower. The exchange rate is about 63 million rubles, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“My mother all my life told me the same toast, – said at the celebration of family history Christina Aguilera. — What I – the only diamond. Now this statement is no longer relevant”.

The singer, however, meant not a huge diamond on the neck of the mother and her two children – Harry and Lisa. But everyone understood the joke in their own way.

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