Пугачева отговаривала Самойлову от участия в «Евровидении» Stylist Julia revealed sensational information. According to him, Alla Pugacheva was not happy with the news of a repeated attempt of the artist to get on a singing contest. However, ward did not listen to the words of the Diva.
Пугачева отговаривала Самойлову от участия в «Евровидении»

Speech of Yulia Samoilova in the semi-final of “Eurovision 2018” has turned into a real scandal. The artist forgot the lyrics of a song and are unable to get to the next stage of the competition. Because of the loss of the singer was hit by a wave of negativity, but she tries to stoically endure the criticism of haters.

Stylist Samoilova Alisher easily said that he just did not like the song chosen for Yulia. Moreover, participation in the contest it tried to dissuade herself, Alla Pugacheva.

“I tell you a secret: we even Alla Borisovna is discussed. She also tried to dissuade Julia. I think in the past year, Julia has already declared itself. The song was stronger, and at this stage had to leave. And Julia went on – personally I was not thrilled with the song,” said master.

We shall remind, that Alla Borisovna has opened the world’s talent Yulia Solovey. The girl reached the finals of the show “factor a”, the jury of which was led by Pugachev. Then the Diva has said repeatedly that she believes in a great future artist does not get tired to admire her fortitude.

By the way, she Pugacheva prefers not to discuss the participation Samoilova in the competition. She never gave any comments about it.

Earlier, Yulia thanked fans for their support over the past months. The girl got an unforgettable experience and fulfilled a longtime dream. After learning that she didn’t make the final, Samoilova was unable to restrain his emotions and began to cry. But then the artist gathered strength.

Stylist Julia noted that a number of the singer was not sufficiently funded. In this he sees one of the key issues affecting the results of the performance. A similar view is shared by the mother of Samoylov. Parent star noted that her daughter was shot not good enough clip. Also on the mood of the girls affected and the wave of negativity from the fans.

According to Margarita Samoilova and her daughter was mentally broken before the performance. When the network appeared the clip of Julia for “Eurovision”, she was accused of professional incompetence and lack of voice. After the defeat in the semi-finals in the Network and does a heated debate about the talent of the artist.

Anyway, the room Samoilova many liked. Some stars-including Philip Kirkorov said that they feel sorry for Yulia. Fans also like to see a girl in the finals, because maybe during the second speech, she would be able to cope with anxiety.

Communicating with radio station “Moscow speaking”, the stylist Samoilova noted that the actress has promised to purchase a new wheelchair before the performance. However, this has not happened, which really upset Julia. Anyway, she intends to continue to build a musical career.