Pugacheva returned to the stage after a six year break

Пугачева возвращается на сцену после шестилетнего перерыва

Diva is planning a big tour on cities of Russia.

Some years ago, when Alla said that he was leaving the scene and never will be, fans of the star are deeply saddened, but hope for the return of the prima Donna is not lost. And rightly so!

As it became known, one of the first large solo shows the stars scheduled for the first half of 2017, that is, the wait is not long at all. And now Pugachev vengeance selects the repertoire to please the audience with new songs.

The young composer Oleg Zholtikov star has already bought two songs, and the poetess Natalia Kashimawo – eight!

“I was cooking dinner, looked at the phone and saw a missed call, I decided just in case to check the mail and there email: “hi, Oleg. This Is Joe. Don’t like to write much, call back, if it is easy, I want to ask you something,” he told Zholtikov.

Oleg Alla bought the song “Singing men” and “Dog business”. Of course, the composer hopes for further cooperation with the Diva.

As admitted Zholtikov, Pugachev has made a big impression on him.

“Alla was very considerate, respectful, first approached me, then asked: “And you are young? You were?” The answer, I think, was obvious. I told her about myself, she admitted that pays great attention to the lyrics, they say love poems has already passed, now I want a more “masculine” in the sense,” – said the composer to the magazine “StarHit”.

Judging by Alla selects songs that we really will see a completely new, unfamiliar to us Pugacheva, it remains only to wait when will come the New year.