Пугачева, Николаев и Ревва погуляли на празднике известного дизайнера On Wednesday, fashion designer Igor Gulyaev, with the collections which follow a celebrity, noisy noted the birthday in Moscow. Couturier has congratulated Alla Pugacheva, Igor Nikolaev, Christina Orbakajte, Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin, Alexander Revva and many others.
Пугачева, Николаев и Ревва погуляли на празднике известного дизайнера

April 25, designer Igor Gulyaev said birthday. The fashion designer turned 49 years old. On this occasion, he collected many friends in one of capital restaurants. As always, the party Gulyaev gathered the first persons of domestic show-business.

That’s couturier have in the wardrobes of many star fashionistas, including Alla Pugacheva. A diva often appears on the shows Gulyaev and sits in the first row, removing what is happening on the catwalk on the phone. At dinner with friends Alla Borisovna did not change the beloved black color. Star followed the trend of layering: the singer appeared at the ceremony in the bomber jacket with zippered pockets, which she wore over a white shirt and dark outfit. Pugacheva complements its image, massive jewelry and sunglasses in a round frame. The singer smiled a lot and willingly posed for photographers.

The photographs, which appeared in social networks, Alla Pugacheva was captured along with the birthday boy and the guests of the evening. Fans of the singer was delighted with her appearance. “Love. How much would she was still a girl”, “so cool”, “Wonderful”, “you look Gorgeous”, “Beauty”, “God Give you health,” discussed the fans of the Divas.

Friends Igor Gulyaev had a great time and said than one toast to his health. “Incredibly good company,” shared Joseph Prigozhin in the microblog. The producer arrived at the party with his wife Valeria. To congratulate Gulyaev also came Christina Aguilera, Alexander Revva with his wife Angelica Alla Dukhova, Alla werber, Igor Nikolaev and many others. The designer thanked his buddies for their attention to him.

“Thank you, dear, this incredible evening. Thank you for making me happy!” – with these words, the designer turned to friends.
Пугачева, Николаев и Ревва погуляли на празднике известного дизайнера

Previously, many star friends Gulyaev wished him in social networks. So, Philip not only wished the designer health and creative inspiration, and also expressed gratitude for the outfits for the Moldavian trio DoReDos that will go to Eurovision this year. It is known that the king of pop wrote for the band for the song My Lucky Day along with the poet John Ballard. Gulyaev liking the words Kirkorov, fashion designer and posted them on his microblog.

In turn, Yusif Eyvazov awarded the designer of a number of epithets. “Talented, incredibly funny, always cheerful and madly loves his job. We wish you health, success and may you long and insanely drawn to the joy of all of us! Love” – a wish singer left to go.

Пугачева, Николаев и Ревва погуляли на празднике известного дизайнера