Пугачева помогла Киркорову создать аромат
The singer presented a unique perfume.


Photo: Press service of Kirkorov

“I” for him and “I” for her so called perfume
new from Philip Kirkorov.

In Moscow premiere of the selective fragrance
on the creation of which worked personally by the king of Russian pop. Surrounded by
fans and journalists Philip Kirkorov presented the new nominal perfume. For
a few minutes admirers of creativity of people’s artist sold out a few
hundreds of bottles, and some lucky ones managed to get a pack of spirits
the hands of the stars.

According to the author of perfume novelties women’s fragrance helped him to create itself Alla Pugacheva. He turned with one hand
extravagant, but restrained aristocratic. Men’s fragrance reflects
the mood of the singer is daring and exquisite.

“I tried to save every drop of flavor that magic
the magic, the atmosphere which surrounded me during the work on
new show “I”, allowed him to become such a thrilling and enchanting —
says Philip. I’ve tried a variety of styles — pop, ethnic, Turkish,
Bulgarian, Gypsy music, electronics, I starred in the movie and played
the theater…it was everything. In addition to the fragrances! This experiment
will open a new facet of my “I” which would never have taken place without my
spectators and fans.”