Pugacheva decided not to celebrate his birthday

Пугачева решила не отмечать день рождения

The singer quietly sit with the family in the castle, but the magnificent celebrations to organize is not going to.

“Moving on…” – wrote in his 67-th birthday of Alla Pugacheva. The singer has never hidden numbers in the passport, on the contrary, joked: “Each year one story – open any magazine or newspaper with my precise age. Even though you bursting. All know. Or rather, I know nothing, except age,” laughs Alla.

But what feelings does the Diva on this day, no one ever knew. Well, she had a personal page in Instagram. Now a glimpse into the thoughts of the popular singer have each of her fans. Here, for example, did you know that Alla Borisovna loves nostalgia? The singer has posted today a couple of rare photos from his youth. One of them is made, when the Diva was just 17:

“I am 17 years old. Brought to the Studio to record the song “Robot”. Scary as hell”.

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But how is going to celebrate the holiday, Pugacheva, unfortunately, not reported. But her friends admitted that this year the singer magnificent celebrations the birthday girl to throw not going.

“Alla Borisovna said she didn’t want to celebrate a birthday, told Mila Stavitskaya, writes the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — Although, of course, close friends will find the time and opportunity, to congratulate. With Pugacheva we have known for over 20 years. This for me is very easy because in communication it is very easy. Sometimes, you realize that you are the main woman in the country. And, of course, there is a distance of respect and delicacy on my part”.

According to her, organization of family celebrations of all Pugacheva always deals personally.

“Alla Borisovna is a catchy: dancing, singing, comes up with the holiday scenario, assignments for guests. She loves to surprise guests, so no one was bored. And, of course, that person who has everything, it is very difficult to choose a gift.

Usually presented Alla Borisovna any interior. I already know the taste, and it’s easy for me to choose a gift for Alla Borisovny. She loves and is funny, touching stuff.”

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