Pugacheva came to the “Song of the year” and Galkin remained with children

Пугачева приехала на «Песню года», а Галкин остался с детьми

Alla Pugacheva behind the scenes of the concert “song of the year – 2016” told the journalists about children, husband and gifts for the New year.

Write new year’s concert Alla Borisovna came alone without Maxim Galkin. Turns out, he was left with young Harry and Lisa at home.

“The kids have been a bit unwell, has a cold. What to do? They also live, normal children. Maxim stayed with them,” said Alla. And then added that the New year, they will celebrate with the whole family in the castle and Harry with Lisa already ordered the gifts to Santa Claus.

“Harry and Lisa I want a motorcycle. I hope that toy,” joked Joe.

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Alla also noted that on 1 January they Maxim give each other gifts will not be, and so they are all there. And why look for a reason for gifts, if they can give each day?

“The best gift for any woman is love”, – said the artist. And then modestly remarked that the Maxim so often gives her flowers.

It seems that this is the recipe her family happiness…

At the same time the plans for the next year Alla Borisovna refused to talk. “I don’t like to plan. And do not like about these plans to talk about,” she said. But willingly spoke about his outfit picked out for the event. As always, the actress stayed true to her style and chose a black short dress from beloved Russian designer Alisher.

“I have recently all of the things from Alisher. And this outfit with a removable long skirt is also from him” – said Pugacheva.

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