Pugacheva and Galkin have arranged a Grand celebration for Lisa and Harry

Пугачева и Галкин устроили грандиозное торжество для Лизы и Гарри Celebrity birthday twins in one of the suburban restaurants. The thematic event dedicated to the jungle, it was a lot of fun competitions. Lisa and Harry Pugacheva Galkin got unforgettable emotions from the present parents.

Yesterday, the enchanting twins Lisa and Harry, the children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, was four years old. On this occasion, the couple decided to throw a party at the restaurant, located on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. The school was decorated with voluminous bundles of balls of different shapes and colors, figures and plants. “Training was very intense! Exhale,” wrote one of the organizers of the holiday of Lisa and Harry on social networks.

Guests of the evening were Yana Rudkovskaya, IDA Dustman, Marina Yudashkin, Jasmine, Igor Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova and others. Many friends of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin came to the celebration with the children. Ones enjoyed playing with the birthday and tasted the dishes prepared by team of chefs.

“Our kids are expensive! Be happy, do not get sick”, – said Maxim Galkin to kids.

After that Alla Pugacheva has raised a charming Lisa, who blew out the candles on the cake. Then the ritual was repeated, but this time make a wish Harry. Relatives and friends of the prima Donna and her husband supported the children with applause. They want the heirs of the star couple to grow up healthy and happy, to the delight of parents.

Lisa and Harry got a lot of surprises. So, singer Jasmine decided to come on holiday with the original colors yellow color. “It is a symbol of light and sun, and give them to those people who especially wish goods and light. These bouquets today I want to present to Alla Borisovna and baby Lisa,” explained the singer.

In the middle of a party is the time for dancing under incendiary music. The kids circled their favorite songs, and parents happy to keep them company. Alla has also joined relatives and friends.

Children also were entertained by animators dressed in costumes of animals. They arranged fun contests and encouraged the activity of the kids. But the greatest delight of the heirs of the friends of the prima Donna caused a live rabbit, which was placed in a small corral.

“On the birthday of Lisa and Harry Galkina was fabulous! Thanks to Alla and Maxim for the holiday”, – said Igor Nikolaev in Instagram.

By the way, Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov are unable to attend the celebration of Lisa and Harry. The fact is that now children of the king of Russian show-business are together with him in Bulgaria. In the nearest plans of Philip Kirkorov – performance large-scale show “I”. The artist was very glad to return home and share his emotions with fans. In the days of Alla-Victoria and Martin took part in his first press conference. Apparently, those must congratulate Lisa and Harry, when will return to Moscow.