Pugacheva and Galkin Grand day was celebrated the birth of their children

Пугачева и Галкин грандиозно отпраздновали день рождение своих детей

18 September 4 marked the Lisa and Harry, the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. In honor of the birthday, the parents decided to make the kids a Grand celebration in one of the suburban restaurants.

Пугачева и Галкин грандиозно отпраздновали день рождение своих детей

A restaurant that decided to celebrate the birthday of kids, located on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. The hall was decorated in the jungle theme. “Training was very intense! Exhale,” he wrote in social networks one of the organizers of the celebration.

On the day of the birth of Harry and Lisa has invited star guests Yana Rudkovskaya, Go Dustman, Marina Yudashkin, Jasmine, Igor Nikolaev, and Julia Proskurjakova other. Many came with their children that they would have fun. “Our kids are expensive! Be happy, do not get sick,” he wished the kids Maxim Galkin.

Пугачева и Галкин грандиозно отпраздновали день рождение своих детей

Celebrating the birthday of the children together. First, honor blow out the candles on a colorful cake was presented to Lisa. Pugachev raised the baby that would get to the cake. After she blew out the candles, a ritual repeated for Harry. All our guests have supported children with a storm of applause and sincere wishes.

The guys got a lot of surprises and gifts from guests. For example, singer Jasmine came for a birthday with an original bouquet of yellow flowers. “It is a symbol of light and sun, and give them to those people who especially wish goods and light. These bouquets today I want to present to Alla Borisovna and baby Lisa,” explained the singer.

What’s a celebration without dances? The kids had fun listening to favorite songs of famous artists. Them did not hesitate to join, and parents, including Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. The celebration was ordered animators in costumes of animals. The kids had fun with them. They organized creative competitions, which entertained the guests and birthdays. But the main highlight was a live rabbit, which was placed in the corral. he was running and touched by guests. The kids were ecstatic!

“On the birthday of Lisa and Harry Galkina was fabulous! Thanks to Alla and Maxim for the holiday,” thanked Igor Nikolaev in Instagram the organizers of the festival.

Birthday was invited as well and children Kirkorov. Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov recently performed the song “my Bunny” his star father at the event “New wave”. They soon went to Bulgaria together with Kirkorov. Soon, the contractor is going to provide the public with a great show “I”. He shared with his fans a lot of emotions that he had experienced visiting home. His children participated in his first press conference. They will congratulate the birthday when to return to Moscow.