Pugacheva and Galkin build a beach in the village of Dirt

Пугачева и Галкин строят пляж в деревне Грязь Local residents said that for them makes a famous pair. Thanks to Alla Borisovne, the kids have a Playground with video surveillance. Besides, the actress never leaves a needy pensioners. One 70-year-old man star sends packets of products as the larger stores near his house no.

      Пугачева и Галкин строят пляж в деревне Грязь

      Six years ago, Diva came to live with spouse Maxim Galkin to the castle in the Odintsovo district of Moscow region. Now here’s the happy parents bring up Lisa and Harry. Each week the couple meets close friends and colleagues, summer is often coming grandson with the bride. And in the final family celebrations from the highest tower of households start the fireworks, which the whole village. “StarHit” learned that to its neighbors makes Joe.

      “Alla is at the village meetings, and recently one of them promised that now we will have our own beach, with sand and water slides, – says Maria, a resident of the Mud. – The shore of the pond is overgrown, the bottom has never been cleaned, all hope for our Alla. There is nowhere to go, even in summer, so we are waiting to see how the celebration”.
      Пугачева и Галкин строят пляж в деревне Грязь

      In the village there is no grocery store that complicates the lives of the elderly. For example, a 70-year-old Vladimir Andreyevich, who got here house from the factory, it is hard to go for food on the bus. A diva knows about such as he, and a few times a month sends packages of food of the elite supermarket.

      “It has everything: sausage, bread, pies, sweet tea, even household goods, – says the man. – When they Maxim celebrate some family holidays and call of guests can send servants a large and delicious piece of cake and a bottle of red wine. We are also in debt does not remain – here April 15, Allin’s birthday, as always, will bring to the castle of flowers”.

      Personally greet you at the Playground where she comes with the children in Sunny weather, from 11:00 to 12:30. Son Pugacheva and Galkin cuts stylist Yegor creed

      “Lisa and Harry are active and friendly, always say Hello, share with the guys in the sandbox molds, give Cycling, – says a resident of the village of Alena. – We have young people there is nowhere to walk, and that they loved here on the site, the beer to drink in the evenings. So Alla has set up a surveillance camera, all now under guard, we even toys leave here and clean!”

      Clean the area several times a day, and new year’s holidays Alla and Maxim are here for representation, invite Santa Claus, who gives to all children of village gifts.

      Пугачева и Галкин строят пляж в деревне Грязь