Пугачева отказалась петь свою песню из-за сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей» The plot of the movie, the actors performed the hit prima donnas “Call me”. In recognition of Alexander Polovtsev, Alla Pugacheva about one and a half years later did not include this song in their performances.
Пугачева отказалась петь свою песню из-за сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

Detective series “Streets of broken lights” appeared on the screens in 1998 and immediately gained unprecedented popularity among the audience. The Russians enjoyed watching the everyday life of St. Petersburg police officers who unravel criminal cases. Many actors have become famous thanks to the work in such a successful project. One of the main roles of Alexander Polovtsev remembered that in one episode they had to sing a song of Alla Pugacheva. After that for some time the Diva has decided not to execute one of his famous compositions.

“Break through, the Opera”: what happened to the characters of the series “Streets of broken lamps”

“Song, “Call me”… Actually, we were offered different options, for example, “the Boy wants to Tambov”. “A good song, but “Call…” better,” insisted the Director. In the end, enraged by his stubbornness, played, so much so that shot in one take… a year and a half Pugacheva sang the song, saying: “Let the boys have a field day,” – said the Polovtsy.

The actor does not hide that the project was one of the most successful in his career. Alexander said that the show was good quality, despite budget constraints. According to polovtseva, now in the cinema with adequate financing, are rarely worthy of the picture. “I don’t like what is going on with people and art. Watch new movies and think it would be better to spent the money given to the orphanage or helped the elderly,” says the artist.

Alexander has denied the rumors that after filming “Streets of the broken lanterns” all the actors quarreled among themselves. He admitted that they are not close friends, however, this does not prevent them to congratulate each other on holidays and greet at events.

Пугачева отказалась петь свою песню из-за сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

Polovtsian did not hide the fact that after the series “Streets of broken lights” he was addicted to alcohol. It seemed to him that he can stop at any time. After the death of his father, he again began to drink heavily. Alexander admitted in an interview with “Telenedelya” that gave the word to his young wife Asana to quit addiction.

Пугачева отказалась петь свою песню из-за сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»“It’s trouble of our profession. I still went to the series “Streets of broken lamps”. I knew the measure. But then came a trip to the cities, where after each concert, arranged feast. One city nothing three too. But six or seven body could not withstand. After these tours went to the hospital on a drip. And then it became a state I like to tell myself, “stop”, I could not. I didn’t misbehave, did not brawl, did not climb into the fray. I peacefully went to bed,” recalls the actor.