Published the last words of the pilots of the Tu-154

Обнародованы последние слова пилотов Ту-154 Experts have begun deciphering the flight recorders of the crashed plane. Presumably, the aircraft did not deploy the flaps. However, this is still one version of what happened – the full picture will be restored after the appearance of all of these “black boxes”.

      Обнародованы последние слова пилотов Ту-154

      On Sunday, the whole country was shocked with terrible news – in the sky over the Black sea, the plane crashed. The aircraft was flying from Adler Hamim on airbase in Syria. On Board were the musicians of the choir of the Alexandrov, the film crew of the TV station, as well as public figures. Still searching the wreckage collapsed into the water plane. In order to restore the full picture before the crash, experts will have to decipher data from flight recorders. At the moment appeared one of the fragments of the dialogue of the pilots.

      “Conversation is that one of the pilots exclaims: “Flaps, bitch!” And then comes a cry: “Commander, fall!” – I told a source close to the investigation.

      However, this is still one of versions of causes of the tragedy. The final result can be announced only after all the data will be decrypted “black boxes”.

      December 26 was declared a day of mourning. In the program “Let them talk” was about and relatives of those who died in the crash. Guests in the Studio tried to imagine what could happen with the aircraft. TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich expressed his point of view. “Something irreparable instant; no time to react. Moreover, as reported, the Board has gone flat and nose down. Therefore, two options: either external impact or what happened inside. To date, the version of the attack is rejected. So, it can be ornithological the danger of getting birds into the engines, or asynchronously triggered mechanization. In this case, a possible flip side to side, in any of the pilot’s experience to react is almost impossible,” said the man.

      Relatives of victims of the crash of Tu-154 in the program “Let them talk”

      Vice-President of Federation of aviation enthusiasts, honored test pilot of the USSR Viktor Zabolotsky has explained that in case of problems with the flaps, the aircraft can become uncontrollable.

      “It turns out, one wing lifting force is big and the second one a little, of course, the plane will flip over — he said in conversation with journalists of the newspaper Life. — If the flaps are not cleaned or are cleaned unevenly, then there is a very powerful heeling moments and to control the plane very hard.”