Published the first official photo from the Royal wedding

Опубликованы первые официальные фото с королевской свадьбы

May 19 was the Royal wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, to which were invited international stars. Paparazzi watched and took pictures, and live broadcast the whole world watched. Just today, Kensington Palace has shared with the public the official photo from the wedding.

Опубликованы первые официальные фото с королевской свадьбы

In the Twitter account of the representatives of Kensington Palace revealed three official photos of spouses and the entire Royal family after the ceremony. “The Duke and Duchess would like to thank everyone who participated in their wedding. They are so lucky that they were able to share your day with everyone gathered in Windsor and those watching the broadcast throughout the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world,” wrote on the page of Kensington Palace.

The wedding was great! For the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry came Victoria and David Beckham. Royal event passed without embarrassments, fights and scandals.. but the curious public could not miss even the smallest detail. It turns out, David has shown serious disrespect for the traditions of the Royal family…and he is not alone.

During the wedding ceremony, Beckham was chewing gum that captured this wedding. Not only he broke Royal Protocol, but also Princess Beatrice. Looks like her camera is not captured, so the scandal she escaped, but Beckham was caught red-handed, removing it close up. And then the network was divided into two camps: some do not understand what the problem is, after all, and so it was broken many traditions, while others condemned such carelessness Beckham and offered to apologize to the Royal family. Some even offered to pay compensation.

Recall that the couple arrived at the wedding one of the first. Victoria was in a black dress of his authorship, and her husband was in evening dress. David looked very stylish: suit Dior, short hair, sunglasses.

Last Royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, the pair also became a hotel. Then Victoria was pregnant with baby Harper. She then chose for the event’s dress.

Опубликованы первые официальные фото с королевской свадьбы