Published a video almost held crash Harrison Ford

Опубликовано видео почти состоявшейся аварии Харрисона Форда

13 Feb Harrison Ford almost suffered once the crash of his plane.

As you know, the star of “Indiana Jones” loves the sky and just loves to fly. The actor cannot stop the desire to climb upward, even despite the accident, which he survived last year.

A week ago the situation was almost repeated. Harrison was at the controls of his personal aircraft. Ford was landing at the airport of John Wayne near Los Angeles. But for some inexplicable reason, the 74-year-old actor was landing on the runway parallel to the one that it was intended. Because of confusion with stripes, Ford not only prevented American Airlines plane with 110 passengers to make the flight on time, but just had not crashed.

As noted by air traffic controllers before landing the role of Indiana Jones asked in surprise: “Are beneath me should be liner”?

Recently, the Network got the video from surveillance cameras of the airport, where you can clearly see how Ford makes a landing. To be honest, it is unlikely that the actor could cause an accident because he was flying high enough and couldn’t catch a passenger liner.