Published a new video of the collapsed Pink Floyd

Опубликован новый клип распавшихся Pink Floyd

In 2014, participants PinkFloyd upset his fans with a message on the demise of the group.

However, this does not mean that musicians do not have any content recorded during their years of activity.

The official account of the musicians in the network “YouTube” was posted their new video for the song “Childhood’s End”.

As a video collective, but this also turned out to be full of philosophical meaning. The main motive in the video stands still against any military action, which in recent years has become terribly much.

Besides, Pink Floyd is preparing its fans a huge “bomb” that needs to go on sale November 11. By “bomb” we mean the box set “The Early Years 1965-1972”, which will include a huge amount of archival material musicians. The release will be available in both digital format and physical media (offering bonus content). Valuable this box set is not reported.