Published a new terrible details of the death of Dmitry Marjanova

Обнародованы новые страшные подробности смерти Дмитрия Марьянова
47-year-old actor at the time of death was completely sober.

Dmitry Maryanov


Before the media got the expert opinion on the causes of death of Dmitry Maryanova. The actor reportedly died from blockage of a pulmonary artery by a blood clot, as was suggested earlier. It turned out that 47-year-old actor died due to internal hemorrhage resulting from rupture of the veins.

After the announcement of these results, we can say that the environment of Dmitry at the moment of aggravation of his condition definitely had enough time to save his life. It is known that from-for problems with vessels in Marjanova stood the so-called “trap” blood clots — a special filter designed to prevent thromboembolism. However, the day of the death of an actor he was completely blocked, violating the circulation process in the body of the artist. Formed under the pressure of Marjanova ruptured veins. His departure happened for a minute, as previously reported. Within a few hours, until Dmitry reached a critical, it could be saved.

Recall that in poor health the actor starts to complain about another three days before the tragic departure, but on the morning of his death, he insisted on receiving medical assistance. The widow of Dmitry Ksenia BIK was talking to my husband the morning of 15 October and that, in her words, complained of leg pain. But staff at the rehabilitation centre, where Dmitry was received nine days before, dissuaded the artist’s wife to visit him, citing the presence of special instruments for treatment. Later it turned out that this institution, according to media reports, there is no license for the provision of medical care, and staff are themselves former patients of the clinic of addiction treatment.

By the way, despite the widespread news that the Maryanov, allegedly was drunk at the time of death, in the blood of Dmitry did not find traces of alcohol. Now upon his death criminal case under article “Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties.” After additional testing of the blood to this article may be added one more: “Illegal medical practice that caused the death of the person”, reports REN-TV.