Psychology lives in a rented apartment. Build relationships with the landlord

Психология жизни в съемной квартире. Строим отношения с арендодателем

Before you will have a great chance to test the strength of family relations joint repair in your own apartment, you will likely have to go through the test a removable housing. How will shape relations with landlords which will directly affect your mental, residential and financial comfort, so it is important at the outset to establish with them a positive contact, which should help this article.

Психология жизни в съемной квартире. Строим отношения с арендодателем
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Acquaintance and communication with owners

Your main weapon search and drop-out, inadequate or unsuitable for you personally landlords — properly formulated requirements for housing! Begin acquaintance before Dating. If good condition or the presence of certain home appliances for you in principle, specify it immediately, but do not assume that the host will resolve this issue for you specially in the course of life. Even if he is willing to make some small concessions, not too adequately expect that in the rent you will fully upgrade all the equipment or do repairs for a week.

Be honest with the owners! It will save you and them time and frustration. If you are carrying small children, drum set, cat, dog and Bolivian Anaconda, specify it immediately, even if this information would reduce the number of proposed options. Still the truth cannot be hidden.

Психология жизни в съемной квартире. Строим отношения с арендодателем

Memo: attitude of the owners should be formal but friendly. Joint gatherings, trips to the country and the tea party are not desirable. You have, first of all, business relationships, let such remain!

Another difficult question: whether to rent a house with friends and good acquaintances? If you have even a shadow of doubt that you will be able to draw a clear line between personal and business relationships, to make it just not worth it. Usually to switch from business to friendly the role can be difficult, so if there is disagreement on the contents of the apartment, payment, etc., you risk seriously to spoil relations with loved ones.

Психология жизни в съемной квартире. Строим отношения с арендодателем

The tone in the relationship should ask the landlord, so it is better to discuss all organizational issues, such as what kind of feedback he prefers: call, SMS, notification to an account on the social network. The same applies to the easy payment method: or Bank card.

Tip: after signing the contract, be sure to get the maximum household’s instructions for instrument control, payment of utility bills and Internet, etc. If the house has a Concierge, a plumber and an electrician, also ask this question in the future.

Try not to yank the owners on every detail: screw in a light bulb or tighten a bolt on a door handle you can own. If not, then at least wait until these details to accumulate a few pieces. If you write to a person through the day on every issue, this will inevitably cause irritation and impression about you as a walking problem. To avoid such incidents, try to be more attentive to detail before signing the contract.

Психология жизни в съемной квартире. Строим отношения с арендодателем

Adequate landlord knows how difficult it is to find a normal and careful tenants, so would be interested in your long-term relationship, if you make payments on time and have a fun habit to draw on the Wallpaper and flooding the neighbors below. So, the clearer you will be able to demonstrate their stability and respect to the repair (especially if you originally moved in not in ruins), the easier and more comfortable will be your relationship.

In addition, coziness and comfort in the apartment can be created without global repair and permutations on their own, using small design tweaks, to agree with the owners not have much.

Problem solving

Alas, if communication with landlords have always been the ideal scenario, there would be no point in writing this article. What to do if problem still occurred, and the owners stubbornly refuse to understand your point of view?

Психология жизни в съемной квартире. Строим отношения с арендодателем

First of all, calm down and ponder well (better write it down!) your requirements and what you are ready to go in the best and the worst of scenarios. Are you ready to move out, if your request does not satisfy? Perhaps this decision can be postponed? For example, if you were renting an apartment “strictly no children”, and now pending addition to the family. However, until the child begin to walk, not to draw on the Wallpaper, it’ll take at least a year, so whether or not to act rashly right now?

During the conversation try to understand the position of the lessor and, in any case, let him talk and let off steam. Do not go to the individual, even if you really want. If you pay attention to the legal aspects of the solution, however, it is still an extreme measure.

Reminder: by law, the lessor may not terminate your agreement at will before the expiry of the agreed term, unless of course you yourself did nothing wrong.

Remember that nerve cells are certainly your own, so if the consensus in a conflict situation is not reached, exit. Under the contract you normally have a month to search for a new home and moving, this time will surely be enough to find a good option and forget about the old problems, as a nightmare.

And in what situations from both sides of the issue of rental housing you got?

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