Psychics revealed family secrets Yulia Samoilova

Экстрасенсы раскрыли семейные тайны Юлии Самойловой The actress became a party to the test, playing the role of “Mr. X”. She had to openly talk about my issues with my dad, and to remember all three times when she was on the verge of life and death.
Экстрасенсы раскрыли семейные тайны Юлии Самойловой

Today, September 23, launched a new eighteenth season of “the Battle of psychics.” Participants wishing to be among those who will compete for the blue hand, the main prize of the show, passed the three tests. At the final stage they had to guess who was hiding under the guise of Mr. X. this time the hero of the program was Julia Samoylova, which was to take part in “Eurovision” this year.

That startled person filming the new season of “the battle of psychics”

A lifelong artist confined to a wheelchair because of a serious genetic disease spinal muscular atrophy. On the transfer of Julius appeared together with her husband Alex, who watched from another room.

The first trial took place Alexander Kininov, tarragon. He immediately determined that the girl in the armchair blonde and called her age. The visions of a specialist in magic cards, Julia is experiencing a man who wears glasses. At these words the singer started to cry.

“He’s very upset, as we are now fighting. And not yet reconciled,” said Samoylova.

According to potential participants of “Eurovision”, quarrel happened the other day. The father of Julia does not like her husband Alex. A relative wants to see the heir of a reliable person who would be earning a lot of money. Kininov reassured Julia and reported that in September she will reconcile with her father.

The following psychics have become Jean and Dana. They saw that the relatives of the actress have cancer cells. To comment on this forecast, the singer refused.

“A lot of good speeches you said. But I’m not going to say anything. You see, I understand,” said Julia.

Constantine Hecate immediately realized that Julia does not move without the help of a wheelchair. “With this power man can’t walk,” said the psychic. A young man works as a doctor.

Экстрасенсы раскрыли семейные тайны Юлии Самойловой

A powerful witch from Portugal Marina Zueva felt like the shooting was on the verge of death. Julia confirmed that she knows what a coma. In five years, the girl slipped in the tub and almost drowned. The second time the bus, which drove the girl with her parents, overturned. Saved her dad, on his knees, which I was sitting. According to Zueva, during the last operation she had “one foot” in that light. However, the witch reassured Samoylova, saying that death will no longer hunt her.

A pupil of Alla Pugacheva about the operation: “Now I can not be afraid of strangulation”

“You’ll live and live. The boy I saw, be healthy”, – said the psychic.

At the end of the program, Yulia shared memories. It turned out that the father is many times left out of the family, and mom tried to get him back. The girl always knew that dad was cheating. Despite the difficult moments, Samoilova was pleased with the participation in the program, as in many life situations looked different.