Psychics have a fight on the set of the popular program

Экстрасенсы разругались на съемках популярной программы

The scandal took place during the voting to choose the weakest. The discussion was so emotional that even the show’s host had to intervene.

Today psychics appear in different programs on different channels. But in the past magicians, witches and wizards even in the most critical moment – the best choice – tried to restrain their emotions. However, the issue of “Psychic detectives vs” something went wrong. The essence of the program is that for the Grand prize of five million competition for two teams. One – magicians and mediums in the other professional investigators. And both of you need to tell the details of real crimes and, if possible, to call as many accurate details. The winners are chosen by a secret witness (that is, the person who knows all these details). At the end of each issue, the team must name the weakest player, which is eliminated from the competition.

I must say that both teams were going pretty smoothly. However, yesterday, the psychics suddenly made a fatal mistake. In their view, the murderer was convicted and is currently in jail, when in fact the offender after the massacre he committed suicide. Naturally, after such “mistake” secret witness at once awarded the victory to the team of detectives.

And then the fun began! Deciding which of them led the team to the infamous losing streak, psychics have agreed in opinion that the captain is a shaman Caretta, and need to expel it. But Kazetta thought differently and immunity (as the captain) refused. Then the witch Elena Yasevich, fortune Aza Petrenko and the magician a novel Fad voted every man for himself, in fact, “drain”, the voices. Caretto this has resulted in a real rage! First, she ran out of the Studio, and cried that it simply forced to leave. Then began to collect things and to complain about how really hard work “when three minutes are in an altered state, and then the day head hurts,” and then said that… her teammates for a long time formed their own coalition, and they even threaten her destruction…

So the shaman did not hesitate in expressions that the movie is about how she yells and curses, has become an Internet hit and got hundreds of hits.

With great difficulty, the leader of the program returned the shaman on the spot and asked to vote on the rules. Caretta chose the photo of the Novel Fada, thus, drove from the show of the magician.

After a few minutes spent in painful silence, three women psychic decided to forget old grudges and to continue to fight on. They even managed to smile at each other.