Psychic Tatiana Larina trying to get pregnant

Экстрасенс Татьяна Ларина пытается забеременеть
A member of the popular TV project “Battle of psychics” Tatiana Larina recently delighted fans, saying the news of the reconciliation with her husband Julius Mydevice-Dalecki.

Экстрасенс Татьяна Ларина пытается забеременеть

For several months the wife trying to get pregnant, but five IVF procedures have failed.

Tatiana says, that the reason of her conflict with relatives with whom she communicates for a long time.

“I am very sad that close to my heart people are not coming into contact, do not want to repair our relationship. We have always had a lot. Yes, it was a betrayal, and from all sides. But I know I need to apologize to all of whom the relationship did not work. And my situation with the inability to conceive becomes a reason to fix it”, – said Larin.

It is worth noting that a woman has a child from his first marriage, but she wants to give her current husband the heir.

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