Psychic Tatiana Larina could not get pregnant due to conflicts with his relatives

Экстрасенс Татьяна Ларина не может забеременеть из-за конфликтов с родней The witch is ready to make peace with loved ones. According to Tatyana Larina, the need to restore friendly relations with them, otherwise it will not be able to conceive. The woman and her husband Julius Mitkevich-dalecki again consulted a doctor about IVF.
Экстрасенс Татьяна Ларина не может забеременеть из-за конфликтов с родней

The star of the popular show “Battle of psychics” and “Diary of psychic” Tatyana Larina does not lose hope to conceive a child. Fortunately, a witch recently reconciled with her husband, Julius Mydevice-Dalecki. Probably she was able to forgive my husband. Recall that Larina suspected the chosen one to the cheating.

A few months the couple dream of a baby, but all attempts Tatiana to get pregnant yet that has failed. The woman underwent five IVF procedures, but nothing helped. Recently, the couple went for a checkup at the clinic to understand will have to have children. Tatiana entered into an experimental genetic program reproduction.

The finalist of “the battle of psychics” Tatiana Larina has decided to try IVF

However, according to Larina, for successful fertilization, it is necessary to restore contact with their relatives and close friends, with whom she quarreled and broke relations.

“I am very sad that close to my heart people are not coming into contact, do not want to repair our relationship. We have always had a lot. Yes, it was a betrayal, and from all sides. But I know I need to apologize to all of whom the relationship did not work. And my situation with the inability to conceive becomes a reason to fix it”, – told Tatiana.

In the words of the witches, after a conflict with people it happened misfortune and calamity. Tatiana got into a big fight with her best friend Elena. Soon after this event a friend of a psychic was on the operating table, and she was told that she can no longer have children. Larina tried to make peace with the woman, but she didn’t even want to talk to her.

Recall that the star of “the battle of psychics” really wants to give Mitkevich-Dalecki heir. Tatiana is already growing child from his first marriage. According to Julia, they can be born daughter. “This child foretold a special destiny, it would definitely be a girl, a powerful witch. Baby is important not only for us but for the history of the world,” said Tatiana’s husband before the next IVF.

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