Psychic: “Tatiana Bulanova will never leave her husband”

Экстрасенс: «Татьяна Буланова ни за что не уйдет от супруга» The experts discussed with “StarHit” the causes of conflict in the family of the singer. More recently, the artist has announced his intention to divorce her husband. However, several days later she again forgave him for the betrayal. Tatyana Bulanov and Vladislav Radimov celebrated a wedding anniversary, much to the surprised public.

      Экстрасенс: «Татьяна Буланова ни за что не уйдет от супруга»

      Talking about divorce Tatiana Bulanovoj and head coach of the second football club “Zenit” Vladislav Radimov been conducted for several years.

      “StarHit” first learned about the long novel of a football player and fitness instructor Irina Yakovleva. Then the pair decided not to break the marriage bond, but on 11 October this year Tatyana wrote on Instagram that can no longer tolerate the betrayal of a loved one. However, after an hour post star removed… Later, the actress said that does not exclude that soon the divorce is final. However, a few days later, Bulanova went on a romantic date with my husband to celebrate 11 years of marriage. Tatiana Bulanova celebrated their wedding anniversary after infidelity

      Sneznaya, host of “the Diary of a psychic” and founder of “School of knowledge philosophy of” Fatima Khadueva’m sure deep down Tatiana is not going to ruin a family.

      “If the husband begged for forgiveness, she would have been satisfied, – said the presenter. – Dumped mistress, a pair with Bulanova it would start again. However, for long…”. The second reason for the divorce, according to the psychic, creative crisis that is experienced by the singer. “Before Tanya in 2014 took part in the project “hair’s-breadth”, it was shown on TV, says Khadueva. – Bulanova suffered, what about her, all was forgotten and the husband helped her through this difficult time.”
      Экстрасенс: «Татьяна Буланова ни за что не уйдет от супруга»

      Psychotherapist, founder of the psychological center OKSPY Olga is not surprising that celebrities are back together.

      “Despite the rumors about the presence of Radimov mistress, his Union with Tatiana looks very organic, – tells Kuznetsova. Stars are satisfied that they do not see each other 24 hours 7 a week. Radimov does not seek to change the status: he is married to a famous woman, the divorce which could result in changes in the novel with his mistress – he would have had to call her down the aisle. And that, apparently, his plans are not included… This family’s been through many trials, both experienced the peak of the extinction of the career. We can assume that for a given pair of simultaneous presence of the family and personal space is key to a strong relationship.”