Psychic Sergey Lazarev lang predicted the victory on “Eurovision”

Экстрасенс Сергей Ланг предсказал Лазареву победу на «Евровидении»
The signs of the Zodiac will help the singer to win in Stockholm.

Экстрасенс Сергей Ланг предсказал Лазареву победу на «Евровидении»

Sergei Lang

Photo: Courtesy Of Sergei Lang

To win on “Eurovision 2016” Sergey Lazarev will help the stars: so says renowned psychic Sergei lang.

“First, Lazarus was 33 years, and at this age, there are important events in the career of most people,” explains lang. — Secondly, Sergey
horoscope Aries. This is a very strong, stubborn and pushy sign. Rams lives in gene
the winner, he always wants to be first, and usually he manages it. Thirdly, Lazarev was born in
the year of the Pig, and for representatives of this Zodiac sign 2016 will be
the most successful and productive.

In addition, Eurovision is held this year in Sweden, and this country is very close to Sergey for energy, he is comfortable to work with. It is no coincidence that there the singer has recorded
many of their songs. He likes to work with
local sound producers — they Sergei a full understanding. So the stars strongly favor Lazarus: I see that in Stockholm he will win.”

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

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