Экстрасенс Николь Кузнецова приближается к анорексии
Psychic Nicole Kuznetsova, who had undergone more than 300 operations, trying to restore the voice.

Экстрасенс Николь Кузнецова приближается к анорексии

Judging from recent video, the final surgical intervention was more successful than before, so now Nicole can speak, though quiet, but a voice, not a whisper like before.

Huge number of medicines, the constant moving and lack of sleep could not affect the figure of Nicole. It is catastrophic lost.

Экстрасенс Николь Кузнецова приближается к анорексии

Earlier, Kuznetsova took the photo only in clothing, but subscribers have noticed that the already slender Nicole dropped even more.

But half an hour ago, Kuznetsova has posted in Instagram a photo where posing in panties:

“Let me guess, so my mom said after seeing this photo?;) The answer is to throw in stories later)))”

she asked followers, adding the tags “#HLS #sport #nicolasnova #humananimalsex”.

“The mother in horror. He said: Auschwitz”


“There is thinner, and there are perahudava… skin and bones…”

“Oh, what a nightmare!!!! You’re a woman, not a bag of bones! Sorry for the comparison!”

“Em you need to eat well”

“What is a healthy lifestyle, what sports??? This clearly smacks of anorexia…I know slender girls is beautiful! And evil is very scary (((“

– sounding the alarm subscribers.

Interesting, it actually looks like the one in the photo.. or the filters have done their business?

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