Ясновидящая Фатима Хадуева: «Не кричите на первоклассника из-за уроков» Experienced psychic told parents how to prepare kids for a new stage in life. Fatima Khadueva believes that it is important to instill in children a love of learning. She therefore proposed not to raise your voice a child who right now is very difficult.
Ясновидящая Фатима Хадуева: «Не кричите на первоклассника из-за уроков»

September is an exciting time for all parents, especially if they have to send the child to the first class. How to make the baby feel comfortable in school, made friends with classmates and joined in the learning process? The heroine of the program “diary of a psychic with Fatima Khadueva” on TV-3 gave some advice to moms and dads.

Ясновидящая Фатима Хадуева: «Не кричите на первоклассника из-за уроков»“Parents, it is very important that on the first day, both parents took the first grader to school. Mom and dad should be there, because this impression will remain with the child for life”.
Ясновидящая Фатима Хадуева: «Не кричите на первоклассника из-за уроков»

According to Haguenau, it is very important not to forget to capture the memorable day for the family album.

“Try to do some joint photo is a celebration, and it happens only once in your life – says an experienced psychic. – You need to understand that psychologically, and physically a child, especially in the early days, it will be very tired. Be sure to give him the opportunity to sleep, and sometimes just more time to sleep. This, among other things, will help the free assimilation of new knowledge and unfamiliar situations, associated with the school. Also this will reduce and almost negate accumulated during the school day stress.

Remember that you should never yell at a child to “be sure to do your homework”. The first months of lessons that homework, better to do it together and in the game version. For example, pay tuition for 15-20 minutes and then switch to another thing (go to the kitchen with the child, eat something or perhaps talk on distracted from school). In this important time periods, you can gradually increase. The most important thing to teach a child to learn, to help him to love it!”

Fatima shared one of the techniques that will help the child to feel the desire for knowledge. A psychic advises to accustom him to a kind of little ritual.

“Mom buys special handle and explain to the student that this will be your special, magic pen, and it will help you to study well, get high ratings, told Khadueva. – This little ritual will remain in the memory of the child forever, and he will understand at a subconscious level, that my mom and heavenly angels help him in his studies. Be sure to tell the student that even if he lost that magic pen, he should not worry, as we parents buy a new one. This is done in order to avoid fear and panic.

Ясновидящая Фатима Хадуева: «Не кричите на первоклассника из-за уроков»When a child comes home from school it is necessary for him to say something like: “You’re so (th) beautiful (th). It is immediately evident that the school become better, smarter and neater”.

On weekends, when you play and walk on the street parallel to school classes can be also held all the letters. Just read the posters around. This gaming form will help “lay” the school program in the subconscious”.