Экстрасенс Кажетта борется за пять миллионов рублей
The TV star will perform against the detectives.

Caretta Akhmetzhanova at the filming of the show

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Participant of the TV project “Battle of psychics” Caretta Akhmetzhanova will compete for five million rubles in a new TV show on the NTV channel “Psychics against the detectives.” It 9 clairvoyants and 9 specialists in scientific methods of crime investigation will work hand in hand on complex criminal cases. After receiving evidence from real cases and a small dossier on already done police work, the two teams have
to be the alleged portrait of the criminal. In each series, teams will
to lose one player, which would be the weakest link.

The host of the show was the actor Aleksey Kravchenko. And the team of psychics, in addition to Caretti Ahmetzhanova, was Aza Petrenko, Hope Sparrow, ASTART ward and
many others. The winner of the show will receive a prize of five million rubles.

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