Провокационные фото Стаса Костюшкина вызвали скандал The famous singer posted pictures from the gym. Stas Kostyushkin put on special pants for sports, and some of his subscribers will find them too provocative. To protect loved stood the wife of the artist Julia.

      Провокационные фото Стаса Костюшкина вызвали скандал

      It’s no secret that Stas Kostyushkin leads a sporty lifestyle. Singer spends a lot of time in the gym. He has a really athletic look. Whenever the artist publishes on his page in Instagram a new photo with a workout, it causes quite a stir among the fans of the Stas. Fresh however the stars happened is highly provocative, than could not take advantage of the fans “hoot” in social networks.

      The fact is that for sports the Kostyushkin uses compression pants, which are essential during exercise. However, this piece of clothing covers the body, which caused conflicting emotions among the followers of the singer.

      “Pants, too. Wife how it looks?”, “Horror, what a shame,” wrote some of the ladies. “Girls, do not disgrace, is called compression tights, very warm the feet and keep the joints. Don’t be a fool, and I won’t tell anyone”, – replied Stas.

      However, emotionally-minded women were not appeased. “If my husband dressed like that, it would be extremely unfortunate that foreign women are looking at him. This is purely my opinion. Stas likes me too, but I think it’s inappropriate for a married man to wear a sports uniform,” wrote one of the fans of the artist. “What? If married, then in sweat pants with extended knees in the hall to walk?” – retorted the other.

      Discussion the rapid appearance of Stas read his wife Julia, who are unable to stay away from disputes. The accuser she answered quite directly. “Keep your opinions to yourself, you jealous of ours! It is sad and uninteresting! Look after your husband better, but for my don’t worry, he’s under supervision!” – outraged Kostyushkina.

      Fans condemned the wife of Stas Kostyushkin for a vacation without the kids

      However, this review has not repaid the emotions of women, and only fueled the looming scandal with renewed vigor. Now on the very Yulia was accused that she is not willing to accept the opinions of others and generally behaving provocatively. The wife of the artist tried to explain his position, but her words were lost in dozens of new comments.

      Apparently, the Stas laugh all this hype around his person. He posted the second photo in the compression pants, providing his joking comment. “And here’s some tights for the night”, – has signed a snapshot of the Kostyushkin.

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