Provocateur “House-2” Rita Kern: “the Male needs to provide for me”

Провокатор «Дома-2»  Рита Керн: «Самец должен меня обеспечивать» “StarHit” talked a glamorous girl from the project “Dom-2. The Island Of Love”. Rita Kern talked about his life in the Seychelles, and also admitted how many times did boob job.

      One of the most spectacular and provocative ex-participants of the reality show “Dom-2. The island of love” became Rita Kern. From the start of the first season of the Network discussed the girl’s personality. Brunette surprised spectators organized provocation, she feared rival. Rita herself admits that went into the project from boredom, she was uninteresting bachelors Ivan Barsukov and Alexander Zadoinov. The participant of the show wanted to help men to choose brides.

      “Who will be grooms, I learned on the island. Therefore, the initial goal was to try something new. To Sasha and Vanya, I have a friendly attitude, but if I really like a man, then, of course, I would have fought for it”, – said the participant of the show.

      About my personal life and plastic

      As soon as Rita appeared on the project, the Internet began to actively discuss friends and relatives participants. According to the woman, her father is a clergyman, but the family she’s estranged. “Ran away from home at the age of 15, when he was in health, she lived with a friend. Finally left my parents and began an independent life at 18 years old,” said the brunette.

      Most social media users discussed the figure of a girl. Rita Kern admits that has made a chic bust with the help of surgical intervention. In such a procedure it was decided in 20 years. The participant of the show “Dom-2. The island of love” openly talked about breast augmentation surgery

      “For the first time had a boob job as a gift to the man, and then just wanted a bigger size. But the next two surgeries were unsuccessful, I moved implants. In the end, made a last, fourth time, already as large, shift have nowhere to go. Really like the result, redo going,” said Rita.

      Despite the shape, which many envy, the core is constantly trying to play sports, not to gain weight. “I’m inclined to corpulence, and also love sweet, so it’s easy to gain weight. So well it is easy to take off with seven days of fasting every six months and training. I really like kickboxing and rock climbing,” – said Rita. Because the girl very small waist, she has sometimes sew things to order: in terms of clothing brunette prefers figure-hugging outfits.

      The techniques of seducing men

      For anybody not a secret that in his microblog Rita often gives advice to podeschi, how to seduce men. According to Kern, she is the chosen one with whom she reconciled after the project. The girl satisfied her lover as he provides her, so chose to forget all grievances and was reconciled with him.

      “Shouldn’t be Dating a man who achieved nothing in life. I love successful. Even if the guy was 20 years old, by his ambition and burning eyes, you can already judge what the future awaits him. If a girl chooses a promising guy, it is very good. But I’m not in that age to select promising guys. I was in a relationship when the income didn’t matter, I was 20 years old. Now I look at it this way. I wish that I had a headache because of the little things of life, I want to be weak and not a powerful village woman. “Male” should be able to take care of life, comfortable future, good education of children and other aspects,” says Kern.

      Rita Kern participated in several trainings on the art of seducing men authors Alex Leslie and Denis Baiguzin. “I attended a lot of courses like to develop. Men I’m not specifically trying to seduce for some techniques, just talk to them”, – said the participant of the reality show. Apparently, she had never experienced difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex. In an interview with “StarHit” Rita shared the main secrets of seduction from the opposite sex.

      “If the girl wants to get a gift, then you need to say directly about it. But there are no relations, no feelings of affection, while you for him not a drug, man will not be generous. If he loves the woman, perceives it as itself, as its continuation. He is liable to a fine lady, and he will provide. And if he is greedy for himself, the woman he once again not spend. But to find a man anywhere, for example, wink to those who liked it” – reveals the secrets of choosing the right guys Rita.

      Kern admits that every relationship she was taught and presented some kind of lesson. However, the girl knows exactly what should be men worthy of the attention of ladies. “Successful, which is the goal in life, older than 28 years and caring” – that such characters should look at modern girls.

      In Rita’s plans to write a book, as well as begin to vlog. Judging by the popularity of social networking, it has all chances to become a successful author. In addition, Kern recognized on the streets, so it is definitely a whole army of fans.