Provence or French country home interior

Прованс или французское кантри в интерьере дома

Measured and unhurried rural life soaked southern French flavor, gourmet kitchen, salt of the Mediterranean sea. The dream of many, embodied in the famous style of Provence. It is characterized only natural materials, no synthetics or plastic.Aged and of course also the light furniture. An incredible number of colors, alive and frozen in top quality textiles. Old or stylized antique pictures, oil-painted canvases, all kinds of shelves and ruffle. And still a lot of sunlight from the Windows fills the entire space. This, perhaps, is the secret design recipe that will transform any house into a cozy, family area, sun-soaked Provencal motifs.

Прованс или французское кантри в интерьере дома

Features of interior design in the Provence style

Like any theatre begins with a hanger, so any house or apartment with a front door and hallway. The front door is usually massive, made of wood, sometimes with inserted decorative glass and transom.Framed, as the entire facade of the house, are organically combined with each other, decorative stone and siding. A considerable role to play and interior doors, in addition to its primary function, the doors play the important role of maintaining the style all the interior.

As entrance and interior doors are made with glass panels allowing you to fill all the space of a day, sunlight.The basic material for the manufacture of doors in a provençal style, is often used moderately dark unpainted wood. It is considered that to complement the design of such doors should barely visible floral pattern on the door leaf. At the same time a great addition to bedrooms, will be the doors in white or sky blue colours.And the kitchen is the perfect complement and will create a rustic atmosphere of the South of France, effect door light grime and sun-bleached colors.

Прованс или французское кантри в интерьере дома

When you create a hallway, in a provençal style, in a private house or apartment, you should consider the moment that residents and visitors get into the house because of it.Bringing and leaving shoes outdoor dirt, wet clothing and umbrellas.Leaving by the front door, the whole street discomfort, and it is important as you or your guests will meet the house from the threshold.Discreet, slightly lighter style of this space is the best fit for the transition from one, often violent reality, the other is filled with tranquility and comfort. To create a comfort to help the Wallpaper of soothing colors, textured stucco or siding a little “burned out” in the bright southern sun.Certainly on the walls appear to be mirrors, in harmony with false Windows which open views of the magnificent countryside of the South of France. By the way, if I had the opportunity to buy an apartment in nice, be sure to have it decorated in a Provencal style.

Window decor

One of the distinctive features of Provence style is the creation of the atmosphere possible space filled with sunlight. Here the ideal would be the option to install Windows in the floor, by analogy with the famous French cafes with terraces. The basis of textile decoration of Windows can be moderately bright and almost weightless curtains that will give the greatest openness of the window opening.

Прованс или французское кантри в интерьере дома

For optimal effect of weightlessness, not bad fit tulle.For bedrooms and living room, it is best to choose the long curtains to the floor, of a light fabric and an elegant pattern.Whereas for the kitchen, fit fit bordering on minimalist, with simple floral patterns and ruffles, in the form of rectangular lengths of fabric hanging to the window sills.

Floors,ceilings and walls

Provence style involves the use, in the interior finishing and decoration only natural materials. The floor is covered with two basic material is wood or a slab of natural stone.In both cases we have a bright, beige or terracotta color. As an alternative, but with a mandatory emphasis on natural masonry you can use the granite. Since we consider a classic rustic style, typical of buildings in the South of France, the ceiling should be decorated with massive beams. To create contrast between the main color of the ceiling and beams, the latter are often painted in a darker colour or subjected to artificial aging achieving effects such as the smoke from the hearth. For finishing the main square of ceiling is often used textured plaster, it is able to give the visual effect of repeated repairs, thereby to emphasize the venerable age of the house.

Прованс или французское кантри в интерьере дома

Of course in a city apartment, from the beams will probably have to be abandoned because they will significantly underestimate the height of the ceilings. But in a country house and a city apartment, you can successfully use elements of stucco. If you make it a little darker in color, for example in combination with a white ceiling, it is able to give greater lightness to the space. When wall decor is very often along with use Wallpaper, painting on wet plaster.The motive for which can be any plot, but preference is given to unobtrusive landscapes in moderate tones.

Furniture, lighting and decor

This style is primarily French village, and therefore furniture should be rustic with a light peeling paint, cracks or worn from time handles. The color here is not critical, while the materials selected for its manufacture is very important. It absolutely must be a natural solid or veneer wood with a little rough treatment. The main challenge when choosing furniture to achieve the maximum effect of antiquity, innovative materials will be out of place here.As for pieces of furniture as such, then the Russian and French villages are not much different.This among other things must be present, various shelves, bookcases,dressers and cabinets. In the interior plays a special role in lighting, the basic idea is also inspired by the rustic aesthetic.

Forged, slightly weathered chandelier, twisted with intricate ornament. Bronze lamps and fabric shades, at the same time able to create an atmosphere of celebration and romanticism. Very often in the interior of Provence are used, lamps of pottery with tasteful décor and lamps in the form of candles. And of course uniqueness to any home give the elements of decor made by your own hands. This can be a variety of paintings and antique photos, various trifles and boxes for young ladies ‘ secrets. This is the case when accessories are never enough.

As you can see, to create a unique French style in the interior in the style of Provence, do not need so many, most importantly the imagination and understanding of the climate where You are trying to move your home.