Proved that cell phones do not cause brain cancer

Доказано: мобильники не вызывают рак мозга

Good news pleased with Australian scientists. It turns out that contrary to popular belief the use of cell phones threatens to Oncology.

It is now unlikely to be able to ascertain how went the horror stories that mobile phones cause brain cancer. And do not need. As found by Australian doctors, it’s just a myth.

Scientists of Sydney University conducted a large-scale study, the results of which are published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology. In the course he had studied cancer diagnoses 19 858 14 men and 222 women in the period from 1982 to 2012. But the statistics, the use of mobile phones in Australia is that they appeared there in 1987, in 1993, they were used by 9 percent of Australians, now this figure rose to 90.

After collecting the data, the scientists came to an unexpected conclusion: it turns out that the incidence of brain cancer over the whole period remained stable. The only group in which the number of patients grew, were people over 70, but it was associated with the improved diagnostics, which now allows to detect the cancer in those cases, when before it was about the stroke and senile dementia.

By the way, the findings of the Australian medics have confirmed their French colleagues. The magazine Le Figaro published an article in which a cancer researcher Catherine hill says that in France, with the advent of a miracle-technique, the incidence of brain cancer also remained stable.

The news is certainly good, but that’s no reason to start abusing gadgets. Not all aspects of their health effects are studied, and live human interaction, they still will not replace.

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