Протестную акцию Шайи ЛаБафа закрыли

Really democratic country, America is faced with manifestations of censorship? Perpetual anti-presidential campaign of Shia La Buff “He wouldn’t let us share” was covered due to the fact that the ground near the established artist, the camera became the “epicenter of violence”. This was announced by the Director of the Museum of the moving image (Museum of the Moving Image), near which is the star of “Transformers” held its share.

Recall that the gist of it was that passers-by could say a few words in the direction of the new President of the United States of America Donald trump by starting them with the words “He wouldn’t let us share.” Did Shia start their action, as he had a scuffle with a man who allegedly wanted to harm technique. La Bouff accidentally ripped the jacket the assailant and sent them both to the police station. Probably, the conflicts become too frequent and the staff of the Museum decided to dismantle the camera, and without it, the protest performance does not make sense.
Shia was one of the most vocal opponents of the candidate from the Republican party and was planning to continue this campaign until the end of the presidency of the trump. Whether LaBeouf to invent alternative action – time will tell.