Проскурякова и Николаев устроили антигламурный пикник A couple of the friends gathered in the courtyard of his mansion. Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev created a welcoming atmosphere for guests. During the holidays the wife of the famous composer made a video in which he made a reply to all the spiteful critics, who love to teach young woman.

Celebrity couple Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova known for their hospitality and openness. The spouses love to take in his friends house, and I always try to make all of the guests remained positive and happy memories of these parties.

On the eve of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova staged this season’s first may picnic. The company had fun on the lawn in front of the mansion the couple in one of settlements of the Moscow region. “Finally, for the first time in 2017 staged picnic: barbecue, mother, guests, fables, trivia, charades! To billiard this time is not reached, but before the billiard – arrived! In short, put a check mark may has begun!” – enthusiastically told about the successful celebration of Igor Nikolaev.

Wife of the Maestro during the picnic made a video which made clear that she with her husband and their guests – the ordinary people, while relaxing with loved ones can afford to be natural and be themselves.

“We have a picnic. If everything goes well, – said Julia Proskuryakova in the frame. – Feed us. This is the first house where we were fed. Today we don’t sing. Today, we eat!”

Your roller young woman responded to all the haters who like to leave critical comments in her microblog, accusing Yulia in the absence of aspiration to beauty and glamour. Fans Proskuryakova was delighted with the witty video.

“Yulia, you’re a good sport, correct and specific answer “mentors” and “advisers”. Keep it up! The response to this lioness”, “Fully support you! You and Igor Nikolayev simple and ordinary people like us. You are no different”, “Some kind of make-up facing the street and on the right side, but reached only the level divan expert. While others can afford the luxury of naturalness and win the heart of one of the cult figures of our showbiz. Yulia, you’re awesome, this is what you love” – expressed fans of Yulia Proskuryakova.

It should be noted that the followers Proskuryakova, which are already 70 thousand, with pleasure watching her life. The actress shares the highlights of his life, talks about how to grow them with Igor Nikolayev daughter Veronica, and sometimes asks for advice from subscribers. Appearance daughter Proskuryakova Nikolaev and caused controversy fans