Promotions and bonus programs of the online store “Warehouse tires”

Акции и бонусные программы интернет-магазина «Склад шин»

Internet-shop “tire Warehouse” invites all car owners to take advantage of several great deals. The existing bonus program will allow motorists to save time and money and also do without the hassles associated with “pereobuvku” their four-wheeled friend before the onset of cold weather.

Promotions and bonus programs

The share of “Minimum prices”. This program got great success last year, so the owners of the online store has decided to please their customers today. The point is simple: if a store will offer you a price lower than you will see in the directory “Warehouse tires”, then you can buy the tyres even cheaper.

“Payment can wait.” For regular registered members loyalty program, which you can buy tires today and pay for them over time. However, no overpayments or payments, initial no. The only limitation is that the shopping cart needs to be full set of winter tires.

“Together cheaper”. If you purchase more than two sets of tires the discount to 15%. Especially handy this program is for people in the fleet which have more than one machine. Based on the title of the action, there is an opportunity to cooperate with friends or colleagues and get a nice bonus.
“Share with a friend”. All car owners who will recommend the online store “Warehouse tires” to their relatives, colleagues or friends, you can earn bonuses with their purchases. For every 100 rubles spent you will receive 1 bonus equal 1 ruble, after which they can be exchanged for any product from the catalog. It is worth considering that the bonus payment should not be more than 50% of the value of the selected item.

“Beginners luck”. For residents of St. Petersburg who first went to the store “tire Warehouse,” offers the opportunity to install the tires. Even when buying online with registration of delivery professionals go to the place and with the help of mobile equipment engaged in work on the tire.


Internet-shop “tire Warehouse” — the young, actively developing company, sells high-quality tires in a wide range (contipremiumcontact 2 tires, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, etc.). Proposed purchase offline for the residents of St. Petersburg and fast shipping for nonresidents.

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