Proklova about abortion from Jankowski: “He was standing under the window and asked not to do”

Проклова об аборте от Янковского: «Он стоял под окном и просил этого не делать» The actress decided to have surgery on the day of his birth. Elena Proklova has done for my life four abortion. The affair with Oleg Yankovsky was the second serious fascination with the stars, but she didn’t want to break up the family.

      Проклова об аборте от Янковского: «Он стоял под окном и просил этого не делать»

      Elena Proklova was married three times, but the novels in my entire life of movie stars was much more. According to ex-spouses actress, she knew how to attract a man. In broadcast television the “Secret” one million Proklova admitted Lera Kudryavtseva, how was her relationship with all loved ones. Elena Proklova refuses to live without her husband after a divorce

      According to Elena, the first time she fell in love with the beginning of the Institute. The student quickly got married and got pregnant. However, the grandmother literally took the hand of a 17-year-old girl for an abortion, although the term was already two and a half months. After that in the life of Proklova not once was abortion. According to the heroine of the transfer, three of her children died after birth, and four more times she went for an abortion.

      A little later, after parting from the first husband, Elena fell in love with Oleg Jankowski, who was married. Their sympathy was mutual. However, the woman knew that the relationship had no future. “We both decided that I have no right to cause anyone pain,” said the actress. From Yankovsky Proklova also got pregnant. According to star, she could not give birth to his child.

      “This was my second abortion. I’ve done it on 2 September, the day of his birth. It was the hardest birthday of my life. He stood under the window and asked not to do it, but I strongly decided that this should not be”, – recalled the artist.

      Says Proklova, over time, Jankowski forgave her this act. Elena was even familiar with his wife and saw how happy the children of the actor, so did not allow myself to destroy the family. Sharing beloved with another woman Proklova is also not desirable.

      Despite three marriages and several love Proklova does not believe that it was all in vain. “I don’t regret about the novel. It has always been mutual,” admitted Elena.

      However, after two abortions Proklova had some difficulty with the birth of children. Three children died just after birth. “Born I lost for medical reasons,” explained Elena. Is the death of the twins, which the actress was pregnant from her second husband Alexander Deryabin, was the cause of the disorder in their family and a speedy divorce. The birth of the youngest daughter Arina was a happy coincidence. The whole pregnancy Proklova was observed by doctors.