Прохор Шаляпин уехал лечить депрессию на море The singer is trying to get rid of the gloomy thoughts which assailed him in the last couple of weeks. To rest body and soul, Prokhor Chaliapin went to warmer climes. After a couple of days on the face of the performer returned with a radiant smile.

      For the life of Prokhor Chaliapin in Instagram following of over 81 thousand subscribers. Many have experienced with the singer of his breakup with Anna Kalashnikova. The star decided to cancel the wedding with the model after he learned that he is not the father of her child.

      After parting ways with Anna Prokhorov decided to spend some time in solitude. He became depressed and began to write sad and tragic poems, which were then posted in his microblog. To completely get rid of melancholy, the singer went on holiday to a hot country. As soon as he came in, his face expressed fatigue. Chaliapin shared with the followers their thoughts, expressing them in a beautiful poem.

      I was nothing and be everything.
      I’ve earned that right.
      Caught in the dew charred fragments of lava and twilight, they were looking for a cool look and the light of the moon on pale skin. Dry hands again blood. [you remember that? Too?] I didn’t love you to love and hated to hate, I so wanted you to break, to break in a monstrous offense, but I could not.
      And I can’t.
      Can’t. [it’s weird]
      I’m forever blind, forever deaf, I was exposed to new wounds, which Hold the knife too many of them accumulated. I will want know. And take.
      Take all the things that are not broken.
      I am your slave.
      I am your God.
      Hell I have been and will be a Paradise.
      I am a sweet poison.
      I’m bitter juice.

      Fans were delighted with the talent of the young man and wished him good mood and peace of mind. After a couple of days the melancholy artist passed, and she was again struck by the subscribers of his microblog white-toothed smile and tanned body. The singer is enjoying the beautiful nature of the sea coast, but the numerous questions of followers about your location is not responding.

      By the way, it is not known who takes pictures of u on a Paradise beach. Many believe that he could go on vacation with his new girlfriend Jana Grivkovsky. Lately the contractor has repeatedly posted photos with a striking brunette on her microblog, which caused the talk about the fact that young people meet. The greatest attention was attracted by a series of photographs in which Prokhorov and Jan posing half-naked.

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