Prokhor Chaliapin was introduced to a new passion with former lovers

Прохор Шаляпин познакомил новую пассию с бывшими возлюбленными The singer presented the Tatiana Larissa Kopenkina and Anna Kalashnikova. Not so long ago Prokhor Chaliapin has unveiled the chosen one, which occurs for six months. He told me that the girl avoids publicity, but she doesn’t like it when he appears at events in the company of ex-wife.

Not so long ago a graduate of the sixth season of the popular project “star Factory” Prokhor Chaliapin has unveiled the new beloved. It was charming Tatiana Guzeva. Prokhorov admitted to “StarHit” I met a girl through a common friend more than a year ago, but a more intimate relationship they began in the summer.

He was pleased that his beloved does not seek publicity, but because they’ve been able to hide his affair from prying eyes. Now, however, Chaliapin decided to announce to the whole country that in his life, a lovely woman. He appeared together with Tatiana in the Studio of “womanish revolt”.

Prokhorov told “StarHit” that his new bride does not like secular parties, but because he often appears at events in the company of ex-wife Larissa Kopenkina. He admitted that Tatiana did not like his Association with the ex-wife. Thanks to the TV show the singer a chance to introduce women to each other. Mistress Prokhor Chaliapin refused to meet with his ex-wife

“I want to meet a girl, – said Larisa when I walked into the Studio. – I heard about it. Prokhorov, I’m all brides to sift through, but I like Tanya because she bakes pies, and I will treat”.

Tatiana tried to be terse and avoided talking about himself. She did not tell about if she has children and has gone from a direct answer when one of the leading asked about the photograph of the child, which was published in the microblog lady Chaliapin. Beloved actor admitted that he is now temporarily do not work and live on their own savings. According to her, she was preparing to move to America, but for the sake Prokhorov gave up his dreams.

Also in the Studio appeared and ex-fiancée Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova. Last year, Prokhorov made her an offer of marriage, but when I heard that little Dan was not born from him, broke off the engagement. However, the singer found the strength to forgive the partner and now supports friendly relations with him. She is glad that in his personal life, Chaliapin’s all good. Anna Kalashnikov admitted who the real father of her child

“I said are you really from a wealthy family that all is well. And I’m happy for Prochorus. Finally a young, wealthy, what he was looking for,” revealed the secret of Anna.