Prokhor Chaliapin suffers from a destructive love

Прохор Шаляпин страдает от разрушительной любви The artist wants to experience strong feelings. Prokhor Chaliapin was married to Larisa Kopenkina, but parted with her when had an affair with Anna Kalashnikova. However, before the wedding, it never came, and now the graduate of “factory of stars” enjoys being alone.

The graduate of “factory of stars” Prokhor Chaliapin in the past year, nearly married his beloved Anna Kalashnikova. Despite the fact that almost everything was ready for celebration, he couldn’t forgive his beloved, when he learned that his son Dan was born not from it. Young people do not hide the fact that for each of them the result of the DNA test was a serious blow. Despite the heartache, Kalashnikov was able to find happiness in his personal life. Prokhor Chaliapin did not forgive a pregnant Anna Kalashnikova new relationship

Meanwhile, Prokhorov does not intend to create a new family. He admits that he feels quite comfortable in the status of bachelor.

“I am very freedom-loving people. Like to be alone. Today my heart is completely free. I do not feel this awful feeling of love” – confessed artist.

Recently, 33-year-old husband said that his heart beat faster when he saw her Face, who lives in the United States. He was struck by her beauty and sophistication.

“It all happened at first sight. I have not seen like her. Her manner of communication, of incredible beauty, talent and sense of humor drove me crazy. She captivated me with attention and warmth. I admit, I’m blinded”, – shared his feelings Prokhorov with “StarHit”.

Interestingly, the house carries on the rich chosen. Lika also proved to be quite a rich girl. Prokhor was amazed at her mansion in the middle of Beverly hills. On your luxury “Maybach” businesswoman arranged the tour for the artist, and Prokhorov were delighted from Los Angeles. Now, however, young people communicate exclusively through the Internet.

Despite the fact that in life men had several high-profile novels, himself Prokhor Shalyapin does not now seek to acquire love. According to him, the feeling began to bring him only pain.

“It destroys rather than strengthens. I trust from what not to do. Can’t say im disappointed, I’m just a grown-up. Of course, I want a family… Maybe sometime in the future? And while I’m good,” admitted Chaliapin in an interview with “TV”.