Прохор Шаляпин снялся в откровенной фотосесии с невестой

Prokhor Chaliapin decided to remind myself by sharing a new provocative photos. In the picture the executor of Russian songs is presented to us almost naked, and in the hands also holds almost abandon clothes friend, Jan Grivkovsky.

Subscribers Chaliapin, barely saw the photo, was amazed at how sensual and passionate it was.

“Super photo! Sensually!”, “Awesome”, “Unreal photo!!”, “Very nice”, “Awesome photo”, “Fire! Cool! Insanely cool!))” — I wrote to the subscribers of the contractor.

By the way, a novel for young people is developing with rapid speed. They had known each other for many years, but started to get to communicate only after the scandal with Anna Kalashnikova.

It is possible that this candid photo session will be a rehearsal for the couple before the wedding, as it became known, recently the singer gave the model an expensive ring and all the surroundings vengeance talking about the forthcoming wedding.

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