Prokhor Chaliapin seeking solace in the arms of women

Прохор Шаляпин ищет утешение в объятиях женщин Singer, disenchanted with the sweetheart Anna Kalashnikova, spends time with beautiful girls. It seems that the mood of the star has become better as he again started to actively share with the fans photos, on which he demonstrates his trademark white-toothed smile.

      Прохор Шаляпин ищет утешение в объятиях женщин

      Russian singer Prokhor Chaliapin endured the betrayal of his fiancée Anna Kalashnikova. In April it became known that the child that gave birth to the model, not from him. The young man could not accept this news, he was shocked. The singer canceled an upcoming wedding with this name, which they used for about a year: chose the date of the marriage, ordered expensive outfits, made up the guest list.

      Prokhor Shalyapin: “No the wedding is off”

      Some time Chaliapin was very worried. He has said that he plans to dissolve all around him and start life with a clean slate. He stopped publishing the pictures in his microblog, he left to nature in the Voronezh oblast and was recovering.

      Now the singer started to get to meet friends and girls. The day before he posted the photo with a striking brunette Jana Grivkovskogo. “Evening tea in the restaurant with my Muse – the wise and luxurious Yana”, – said Prokhor under the image.

      The picture caused a flurry of comments from its subscribers. Fans found out about the girl fiancée of the deceased, the PR Director of tims brick. Prokhorov and Jan began to communicate more with loved ones after what happened to them by the human tragedy. Chaliapin kept the girl in such a difficult time. Recently it turned out that the cause of death brick, who died in February of this year, steel diabetes and heart disease.

      The bride timy brick: diamond Elizabeth Taylor, sports car and an affair with the Prince of Monaco

      Прохор Шаляпин ищет утешение в объятиях женщин

      By the way, this is not the first photo in the last week that the singer has reignited interest in his personal life. A few days earlier Chaliapin had dinner in the company of a blonde in a red dress. She was leading Catherine Silitski. The girl admitted that the singer charged her with positive energy for the near future. Fans Prochorus urged the young man not to rush into new relationship.

      However, sometimes Chaliapin rolls melancholy, and he recalls that he had been betrayed. Then on his page appear sad poems. Recently the singer posted the lines. “All the important phrases should be quiet. All photos with family is always blurred. The most strange people is always great. And the causes for happiness always neveska” – so starts the poem. To a bad mood it was visited less often, the singer goes to the gym, relieves stress on the Boxing.

      By the way, Anna Kalashnikov difficult to tolerate parting with Prokhorov. According to the girls, the results of the DNA test rigged. She believes that their relationship can still improve. The actress doesn’t sleep well and cries a lot, and brought joy to her earlier classes were indifferent. “Time is the best healer. Only over time can truly sober assessment and understanding of the situation. Not ill, don’t you know the joy of good health, not suffering, not to know the joy of peace and tranquility. To have a strong spirit, you need to cultivate the will and patience” – recently admitted the model.

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