Прохор Шаляпин исполнил мечту сына Анны Калашниковой After the scandal, the former beloved has maintained friendly relations. Prokhor Chaliapin did not leave without attention the birthday child Anna Kalashnikova Tribute. The artist knows that the boy likes football, and therefore made him a themed gift.
Прохор Шаляпин исполнил мечту сына Анны Калашниковой

Three years ago Anna Kalashnikov for the first time became a mother. Then she was engaged to be married with the graduate of “factory of stars” Prokhor Chaliapin. However, the man decided to test with DNA test, is He his own son. The results were announced for the whole country, the actor called off the wedding, knowing that the child is not his. Anna Kalashnikov burst into tears, speaking about the father of her child

However, old lovers were able to forgive each other grievances, and Prokhorov don’t forget about the boy. March 15, Daniel was three years old. The singer was unable to attend the ceremony, and visited the kid the next day. Chaliapin gave shape to the Russian team, the ball, and an invitation to the elite sports section.

“Dan is a very active boy. Constantly runs and jumps, he has a well-developed response. I think he could become a great player. I talked to my godmother boy Inna Zhirkov, and we jointly determined Daniel in the football section. And, by the way, did the right thing. The kid is really talented. Usually the players take four years, but Dan picked three as an exception because of the outstanding sports data,” explained the singer.

The birthday of the son of Anna staged in the style of the mini-fleet. According to her son Dan – a mad fan of toy cars. She was looking for something that will truly surprise baby.

“He’s got some crazy passion for cars – if they build up in one line, our entire collection will be the length with the room. All friends know that the Child fan of cars, so join us collection constantly, and Denyse a lot of machines don’t happen. I brought him from her trip to the Caribbean collectible Mercedes-Benz, as the time was passing through Paris, and there he found the dream car, used to put it home to give to a baby for three years,” admitted Anna, “StarHit”.

At first, Kalashnikov had a party at home with his parents and brother, and then went to celebrate with godparents Dani – Inna Zhirkov and Andrey Kovalev. She admires the fact that her friends are awesome godparents – always support.

“Andrey Kovalev gave baby nursery for 10 thousand euros, and Anna’s friend, the rector of the business school Gregory Avetov presented the boy, in addition to toys, a grant to study in an elite kindergarten with a language bias”, – said Anna.