Prokhor Chaliapin refuses to communicate with ex-fiancée

Прохор Шаляпин отказывается общаться с бывшей невестой

No more PR on his behalf! Russian singer Prokhor Chaliapin, who is better known for his marriages and personal relationships with women, refuses to communicate with his ex-fiancee fashion model Anna Kalashnikova, but it does not prevent her to consider him a “close person”.

Recall that Prokhorov spent a year child fashion models, as their home, and preparing for the wedding ceremony, while in a live TV show found out that biologically this boy is a stranger to him. As it turned out, the child’s father was another man and Chaliapin, in his opinion, just used. Of course, the wedding the treacherous bride could not be considered, and friendship, as such, did not happen.
Today Anna was 33 years, and in the morning she accepts gifts and greetings. Kalashnikov boasted to journalists that among the first to congratulate her and ex-fiancé.
“I am very pleased because it is near and dear to me man, although we’ve been not together. We don’t talk – just congratulate each other on holidays. But I really want reconciliation,” said the birthday girl.
Anna also spoke about future plans. So, on 17 June, she is going to present three of their songs, one of which is a duet. Kalashnikov has two acting education and six years of experience in singing. According to the artist, it is important to show the listener, “in which she invests her soul”. The presentation of the songs she will combine with a birthday celebration, and today Anna will be in the family circle, and in the evening away with family in a restaurant.
Recall that in a recent interview with Prokhor Chaliapin complained to reporters that ex-fiancee constantly marketed on his name, mentioning him in interviews for no reason. The artist is Anna is a bit annoying and even irritating, because of what he asks her not to involve his name in some of his scheming.
Last month, Kalashnikov hinted at the pregnancy, but the husband categorically stated he did not believe in it.
“I believe that there is no baby, and even if we see her with a big belly, she will claim that she suffered a miscarriage. It’s more like a well-planned concert program. Personally, I in what do not believe,” said the singer.