Prokhor Chaliapin long concealed the divorce from Larissa Kopenkina

Прохор Шаляпин долго скрывал развод с Ларисой Копенкиной

The bride Prokhor Shalyapin model Anna Kalashnikov in a recent interview spoke about the previous marriage of her husband with businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina and how the latter almost splitting them.

“When we went into the novel was just beginning, he broke up with Larissa, and they were even divorced. Because of our joint work in show business they were in public and act like a couple. Larissa wanted to take Prokhor as her husband, and he was forced for some time to pretend to be wife. He, of course, it also was beneficial – they were all talking and for the development of his career that was good” said Anna.
According to the woman, the relations of her lover and his first wife were uneasy from the start. Larissa was outside the scope of the contract, began to beat, and it’s beginning to strain Prokhor. When it became known about the novel singer with Kalashnikova Kopenkina had a hand in the tub when dirt began to pour the model.
“What about me said: my husband and I took the family (and family-and even then was not), and a whore I am, and baby wear under the heart not from Prokhor.. That Larissa had convinced him that we should do a DNA test on fatherhood, and he believed. Then paparazzi appear to have taken my photos with friends and come up with any.. Prokhor very emotional and passionate man. Then he was jealous of me and actually believed in something that never existed. Now he admits that was wrong. Doubt that Daniel is his son, there can be no” — said Anna.

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