Prokhor Chaliapin is afraid to go to jail because of sick father

Прохор Шаляпин боится сесть в тюрьму из-за больного отца The singer frankly told about the native person. Prokhor Chaliapin rarely talks about the parent who is being treated at a clinic for mentally ill people. In the Studio “live” actor explained why no plans to pick up a man from the hospital.

      Прохор Шаляпин боится сесть в тюрьму из-за больного отца

      Singer Prokhor Shalyapin does not like to remember about his childhood. His father Andrey Zakharenkov is undergoing treatment in one of the specialized institutions of the Volgograd region. Chaliapin long time no see with a parent. Moreover, the artist has concealed information about a close person from the public. In the Studio of “live” Zakharenkov turned to a native son.

      Prokhor Chaliapin first visited dad in the hospital

      The ex-wife of Andrei Ivanovich Elena Nikiforova said that the artist deliberately refused his person. Experts called the accusations unfounded women.

      “Prokhorov put dad in a mental hospital to get rid of it. Prokhorov wants to take the native biological father. I don’t know why it happened. Everything that belonged to Andrew, he gave Prokhor and his mother. This, of course, tragedy. Yes, he is a sick man, but not to the same extent, to deprive him of his liberty. He is a schizophrenic”, – said Nikiforov.
      Прохор Шаляпин боится сесть в тюрьму из-за больного отца

      The father himself Prokhor Chaliapin also gave an interview in which he shared his perspective on the incident. “The man I first saw, broke into my house, a fight ensued. Attributed to me that I still and robbed. Since 2001, I cannot close this record. Psychiatry is like a swamp, it’s not going anywhere. Since 1993, when Prokhor was 10 years old, I spent all my time in the mental hospital. Were released, was there two years or three, but then I again there lozhili,” said the man.

      Then the Studio came Prokhor Chaliapin. He said that the father in his life was nine years. According to the artist, Andrey Ivanovich mocked their loved ones. “The endless fight, my mother ran barefoot in the snow, not to get us killed. I tried to tell you,” said the singer. In 2008, Zakharenkov beat his own mother. Prokhorov said that he chose the woman the money. The troubles of a relative music star blames the alcoholism. “Due to the fact that he will not have to seek, he was always relaxed,” said Chaliapin.

      Прохор Шаляпин боится сесть в тюрьму из-за больного отца

      Prokhorov also explained why he doesn’t want to pick up my father from a specialized Agency. According to the artist, it is necessary to arrange guardianship of Andrew Ivanovich. Chaliapin did not intend to take such a step because guardianship means that he will be responsible for the actions zakharenkova. Because of the actions of the father Chaliapin could be put in prison or barred from traveling abroad. Prokhorov denies that he left his parent. The singer helps him financially. Recently, the star visited Andrei Ivanovich for the first time in eight years.

      Chaliapin also said that prompted his father to divorce with Nikiforova. According to the artist, the woman asked for his financial assistance in the amount of half a million rubles. The singer accused ex-spouse of the parent of the misconduct.

      “I can’t say that I love the father, I feel sorry for him. Why would he real estate, if there are ladies? I decided to keep her,” said the singer.
      Прохор Шаляпин боится сесть в тюрьму из-за больного отца

      The mother of the artist Elena Ivanovna was supported by son and accused Elena Nikiforov a lie. Women entered the fray. Helena lashed out at ex-wife father of a star. “Where should I take it? He was found incompetent, he will be able to live by yourself. He’s a dangerous man, why do I always have to worry about him?” she said.

      Helena lived with her husband for ten years. According to her, the father Chaliapin lost family responsibilities. “I was afraid of him, I was kept under constant fear,” said the woman. In turn, Prokhor Chaliapin recalled a few unpleasant incidents from his childhood. So, once Zakharchenko shocked relatives slaughtering beloved dog son. He also beat up his mother Prochorus.

      Прохор Шаляпин боится сесть в тюрьму из-за больного отца

      In addition, the program spoke of Prokhor Chaliapin’s godfather and a close friend of his father Mikhail Potapov. He responded to the accusations addressed to the artist. The man told about the insanity zakharenkova. According to Potapova, the parent star once killed a policeman due to the fact that he didn’t like the bottle of vodka bought in the store. Another time Andrey Ivanovich broke the law enforcement officer’s head and wanted to bury him.

      At the end of the program Zakharchenko addressed to the son.

      “I don’t love his Mama, and I love him like a son. And he wasn’t Prochorus, I still loved him. I would like to apologize for what I paid him little attention and could do nothing to help him,” said a relative of the artist.

      In turn, Prokhor Chaliapin told that not hold a grudge against father. “Of course I forgive him. Of course. Because even I need it,” said the artist.