Prokhor Chaliapin disappointed Anna Kalashnikov

Прохор Шаляпин разочаровал Анну Калашникову
The singer ignored an important model for the day.

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Anna Kalashnikov incredibly
upset ex-boyfriend Prokhor Chaliapin. The singer promised to be important to your model
the event — her debut fashion
showing where Kalashnikov to imagine things from her own wardrobe,
created by the star friends, such as, for example, Anna Sedokova.

“I have personally made every
image. Picked up the coat, decoration, trying to emphasize the beauty of each
girls — shared with
The Kalashnikov. Can
to say I have invested in this collection of his soul. Today there were many
evening dresses — new year ahead of us
holidays, so we give the girls the opportunity to think about your evening

Talking about how preparing for the big day, Anna and then with
anxiously looking at the screen of the smartphone, checking the time. She waited Prochorus,
who promised to support Anna on this day.

“The show has not started yet, because
I’m waiting for Prokhorov, — said Anna. — He promised
to be… was Apparently stuck in traffic. Of course, I am very disappointed that it is delayed
I hope that will come later. A week ago, when I helped with the organization of birthday
his brothers Vitaliy and Dmytro Savchukov, it seemed to me that our relations are improving.
We had fun and talked just like before. Prokhorov promised to help me and support
my son Danil. I absolutely
sure he will keep his promise. Just on the ruble is easy.”

Kalashnikov was right. When she had already decided that Prokhorov
just will not come, and the event is almost over, she suddenly saw in the doorway
About the hall with a bouquet of flowers. It turned out the singer was detained at a concert and not
could come early.