Прохор Шаляпин не простил беременной Анне Калашниковой новые отношения The artist has deleted the model and her son from his life. As it became known “StarHit” when Prokhor Chaliapin learned that his ex sweetheart is courting a wealthy businessman, immediately interrupted all communication with her.
Прохор Шаляпин не простил беременной Анне Калашниковой новые отношения

Only recently ex-lover managed to restore relations: son of Ani, a two-year Daniel began to call Prokhor dad, every time looking forward to when the singer will come to visit them in a country house. However, as it turned out, she couldn’t forgive Kalashnikova relationship with another man and the second pregnancy.

“We don’t talk for two months, – admitted Anna “StarHit”. – He’s just written us with a Tribute of his life, did not accept the fact that I have a new love. And the son, among other things, is constantly asking when u will come where daddy?”

According to friends of the actress, the singer hoped to the last that he will be able to restore the family with Anna.

“Prokhorov made plans for a common future, – said a friend of Sasha Kalashnikova. But then I began to notice that girls appear expensive gifts, she always sent bouquets of flowers. When the gentleman gave Anya a luxury car “Bentley Bentayga” for 20 million roubles, Chaliapin made a scene and left. Dream-he dreamed of, but in addition anything for his beloved did not. Although lately, before the break, they were very close.”

New choice Kalashnikova five years her senior, he is a wealthy man, the owner of your own business. They met in February, on the phone.

“I was lying in the hospital after surgery for breast augmentation – says Anna “StarHit”. – Shortly before I decided to change car: old BMW was taken to the dealership on treydin put up for sale, and the difference between it and new decorations for the loan. While I was at the clinic, I called the salon, trying to find the most favorable conditions. After a few days I phoned and was told that I can pick up the car. I was surprised because she has not been paid. Arrived there waited for me a car decorated with balloons and bows, beautiful, like a box of chocolates. Also I had a bouquet of white roses to the color of the car, I chose light Range Rover. I found out the name of the person who did me such a surprise, he wrote me on What’sapp. A few weeks we communicated on all sorts of topics, then decided to meet. He met me very romantic, with a beautiful bouquet. Since then we never parted. And we really, really well together.”