Prokhor Chaliapin chose a ring for the bride

Прохор Шаляпин выбрал кольцо для невесты Gift beloved singer — luxurious and cost him quite a tidy sum. For his sweetheart Anna Kalashnikova Prokhorov bought the ring in white gold, encrusted with diamonds. Chaliapin also plans to throw Anna a surprise during the wedding.

      Прохор Шаляпин выбрал кольцо для невесты

      Hard to the singer Prokhor Shalyapin his third wedding. The ceremony was delayed for more than three times , the last of which took place recently. Already the appointed date of the wedding had to be postponed from 15 April to 24 may because of the death of the grandmother of the bride. And yet the artist does not lose hope still to bring his beloved Anna Kalashnikov to the altar. The other day the artist went to the jewelry store to buy his beloved a ring that will dazzle her imagination. Singer carefully asking prices for a large range of jewellery and even tried to get a discount.

      “Prokhor wanted to choose graceful and elegant ring for Anne, – said the designer brand guelder rose Gold Eugene Diaghilev. – It was not easy to make this choice and he asked for my advice. Prokhor fancy ring in yellow gold, but I offered him to buy the ring white gold with three diamonds because she is a girl with a very bright appearance, and this color will suit her the most. On your purchase the groom got a discount, and overall he was very pleased with the purchase”.

      Despite the generosity of the company, a set of jewelry still cost the artist dearly – about 100 thousand rubles . However, Prokhorov was not discouraged. “I promised Anya the Royal wedding – will have to do. In addition, I prepare her a special surprise for the upcoming event, together with the designer Eugenia Dyagilevo. Until all secrets will not disclose, but I think, next to these gifts its crown will look perfectly appropriate”, — smiled enigmatically back.

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