Prokhor Chaliapin called off the wedding with Kalashnikova

Прохор Шаляпин отменил свадьбу с Калашниковой

On the eve of marriage with Anna Kalashnikova, the singer learned that he is not the father of her child, and broke relations with the incorrect beloved…

The scandal that erupted last week in the program “Let them talk”, where the presenter Andrey Malakhov announced the results of the DNA test and Prokhor Chaliapin learned that the father is not the son of Anna, one-year-old Daniel, is gaining new momentum. If visiting Malakhov singer with a temper, but now he has said what he thinks, and called off the wedding.

To dot the i Chaliapin again decided in the air. In the program “New Russian sensations” on NTV channel Prokhorov admitted that he wanted to take Anna with the baby from the hospital, because Kalashnikov was almost at the point of death! But darling insisted that he did not come. Now, knowing that the child is not his, the singer is breaking his head over the question: who then met Anya from the hospital?

“Now I think I’m such an idiot. You should have the DNA to do it. Put all the points. Well, it happened a month before the wedding. The humiliation I have never experienced. She cheated on me!” – said Prokhor in the program.

In the same air Kalashnikov pre Prokhor asked for forgiveness and assured that the wedding will still take place on may 24. However, Chaliapin decided otherwise.

“Anya, of course, I can’t forgive. The worst thing is that suffering of an innocent baby. I’m ready to communicate with her family and with the child. I told her: “Anh, I tell it like it is. I, it turns out, is also partly destroyed my life“. I have the feeling that Anya is not aware of what was going on. We could do something else to solve everything, and instead, are drowning in shame. My friends, no wedding will be. Do you think that I’m an idiot? Look for fools in other place!” said Chaliapin and set point.

Already there were rumors that at the moment Prokhor may and refused to recognize the child and give him his name, but it would be godfather to the boy, and maybe his mother will return. We decided to find out if it’s true, and called Chaliapin. Singer, to put it mildly was not in the mood.

“In the air I was sitting and not someone else, and I then said, – said Prokhor correspondent for Woman’s Day. — Why repeat the same thing?”

Anna Kalashnikova on commentary was even more stingy.

“Don’t see that happening. Give us time,” said Anna.

Apparently, the girl still hopes that Prokhor all will be forgiven, and will return at the end of may, they will still play the wedding, which, incidentally, has already rehearsed and laid in the budget of the event as many as 10 million roubles (read here).

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