Продюсерский центр Тимати продает роль в клипе Егора Крида за 2,5 млн рублей

Are you ready to shell out a tidy sum to become part of the new video Yegor creed? If you have the money, you can compete for the main role in the new movie the young performer.

Journalists managed to find out that the producer center Black Star invites everyone to take part in the casting, the results of which will determine the name of the girl that will (most likely) to portray the passion with Creed.

The conditions of the competition are: you send their photos to the center. If you fit description, you are invited for an interview, to “make sure that you have two legs and two arms”. Further, if you fully comply with all items you are entering into a contract. And then you pay 2.5 million rubles as a fee for the right to be in the frame by Egor Creed.

“Usually the package includes the shooting itself, the post and social media Acknowledgements, plus a video presentation in Moscow with the stars. There, too, invited the heroine, she is photographed with all the stars and gives an interview with the artist. In Black Star is put on stream, because they have created a correct image, and each story has at least some kind of exhaust. Each “girl Timati” has a tick in Instagram, but it does nothing and nobody knows,” — said in a statement.

Representatives of the company Black Star confirmed this information, noting that such scheme is common practice.