Продюсер Земфиры нашел ей замену
New artists conquer the musical Olympus.

In June, the premiere of the video “Fly!” for the song
“Where you there”, the Director of which was the legendary Victor Wilkes. Video
affects deep and difficult subject of love and death. In risky
a situation when a person is teetering on the brink, it is difficult to make the right
solution. The absence of selfishness and willingness to give up his life to save
another person, this is a real feat. In addition, this test of true
feelings. “Honestly, filming this clip for me was the best of all. Such
beautiful place: Crimea, Yalta, sea, mountains! We received so many emotions, saw
so many beautiful places, even try themselves as climbers. Of course, there were
and difficult moments: fear, tears. But for us it was a good test,
to overcome their fears and move forward! With such a Director, as
Victor Wilkes, there is no other way” – says the vocalist Polina Novikova.

Clip “where you don’t” already has over 500,000
views on Youtube. The track is in rotation on “Autoradio” and “radio”,
soon it will be advent and on other radio stations.

“Fly!” — modern rock band with a charismatic vocalist
Polina Novikova, who has assembled a dream team and brings together talented
musicians from different cities of Russia.

Creative way of the group “Fly!” constantly connects
musicians with a cult of personality. Producing musicians involved
Alexander Ponomarev (thanks to him, the rock scene was out of “spleen” and “Bi-2”),
sound producer Yuri Usachev, corporate style of which can be found
the first notes, and the stage as a famous poet and composer
Alexander Shevchenko.